PTI and Pakistan Elections 2013

by Dr Rais Irfan Ahmed on May 16, 2013 62 Comments

As an expat Pakistani, I am immensely relieved that election process has finished and people have managed to exert their right to choose their government for the next 5 years. I was supporting PTI very passionately throughout this election campaign. Like millions of other enthusiastic Pakistani we were hoping to get "Naya Pakistan" at the end of current electoral exercise.  Naya Pakistan has not yet come into being but I am still very happy and optimistic for various reasons.

1: PTI will have a chance to observe power and politics as an insider and hopefully will be a mature party in next few years. 

2: Early signs are than Nawaz Sharif has learnt from his past mistakes and time spent in political wilderness. He appears more pluralistic in approach and tolerant of other political streams in the country.

3. 63% turn out is encouraging. Democratic process has been strengthened as ...

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